It matters that we help each other get on in our spiritual walk. Until I do, I’m gonna mess you up.

It’s really simple when you think about it. All sin is against you. I lie to you, cheat on you, gossip about you, am lazy and want you to pay, and on and on we go… all sin is against you. So it is really in your best interest that I stop.

In sanctification (God making me holy), I am quitting my sins… sins against my spouse, my children, my neighbor, my city, my government, my earth, or said another way… against you. There is no such thing as private sin, all sin affects someone or something.

So as God is sanctifying me, He is helping you too. As God fixes me, He is also fixing you. Let me give you a simple example. I sin and hurt you. Now you are injured because of me. God fixes me. I come to you and ask your forgiveness and make amends to you. That heals you. God fixing me, fixed you.

So as God is fixing me, He is also at the same time blessing all the things that I (in my sin) cursed, healing what I hurt, restoring what I destroyed, fixing what I broke.

As God fixes you, He fixes everything around you because a sinful you messes a lot of stuff up.

One of the reasons to help messed up people find “the God who fixes people” is because you get fixed at the same time. Remember, until I’m holy I’m gonna hurt you.

Please help me to be holy.


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